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I'd go on a review rampage, but I truly have nothing to say here.
Since I know this is a horror movie, one thing's good about it: It doesn't look like comedy.
There truly are no words to describe how uncanny this whole thing is.
I don't know if this was the goal in all situations, but if it was, it's spot on.
Reminds me of the old dolls my mom used to keep over her treasure box.
A friend of mine actually refused to sleep in the living room because of them.
Anyways, that's nor here nor there. While I did especially like how you managed to make sex look wrong/off in that transition scene, there was one thing I noticed that I don't think was part of the plan: The hairs of the main character are stuttering.
If I could leave a neutral rating, since I don't know what was intentional and what wasn't, I'll just put 4/5.

Oh, by the by, you should look up Cyriak.
Have a strange feeling you two might get along nicely.

The art style and music in this really made me think of Earthbound.
Was it an influence in any way?

Well, this is Weegee all over again.

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To the guy under me,
I think you misspelled "strangely entertaining".
The looping could be better though. It does seem to be a recurring problem with most flash animations though, so no biggie.

Wow, this game is great.
First of all, classic gameplay
(Reminds me of 1984 which reminds me of Touhou even though Touhou is a bullet hell game))
Really nice style which you seem to be good with.
Interesting music, to say the least. Very fitting to the game.
Interesting story line,
alot of upgrades aaaand...
MEDALS (Collect ALL the medals!)
But yeah, the point is, this is a best of the best here on Newgrounds, in my opinion.

Meat Boy?

No. I say this is neat dude.
(Hehe, see what i did there?)
No but really, this game is nicely done.
The animations are smooth, and the themes well thought through.
Over all, i only had two problems with it.
First of all, in some levels, the blocks don't contrast with the background enough..
Second of all, the music is great and all...
But whilst knowing we keep on dying on every stage and listen to the theme the whole time we are dying on those 5 (or more) stages, it does get kind of annoying...
Although i did thoroughly enjoy the gameplay,
and how cleverly you placed every block...
Very challenging, indeed.
Right now i am still in hell, so i guess tonight we dine in hell.
If i don't make it out, do tell my mom to play this for me.

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Argh, this Runescape vibe..!

This is the kind of music you would have nostalgia over despite having only played the game it came from once before
(Were it for a game. It`s an analogy of sorts.)

Feels like it would belong wholeheartedly in American Mcgee's Alice Madness

While I don't go on your page very often, I always enjoy seeing what you create.
I'll see if there's any constructive criticism to give anywhere, otherwise, everything is positive.

I do believe I have heard this music in a pony related video having to do with Luna and being an on-going animation project. I'm not sure if the song was made before then, but I am very tempted to welcome you to the herd even if I'm not sure wether you're part of it or not.
I do have to say that it is a wonderful transition.
Wow, it's been a long time since I last went on Newgrounds.

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Hm, kinda feels like waking up. Begins slowly and you don't want to wake up, but then,
you start gathering energy to get up, prepare yourself for school/work.
Then you go on your way over there, and such.
You do your work, and then you're back home, wondering what to do.

That's what this song brings to my mind, mostly with the title and all.
Really good synths and a well followed rhythm, as well as good instruments.
They go well together, and are put in the good place.
I really am getting out of things to say on reviews these days...
Oh well. Good job

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wow,relly well done.

i don't really have anny thing much to say,except that it pops out.
also,where are the (fuck,can't remember how it's called in english.)
you know,those things that AREN't on mona lisa?
really,this eye looks like it pierces through my mind. it's minmd blowing xD!jk.
somehow,the contours of the eye remind me the ones of a baby.
the shadows are really well done,only theres something missing inside the eye pupil...you know those weird lines that ressemble grass a little?yeah.adding em' would be a good idea on ne new version. except that i have nothing more to say than this:it still needs improvement.

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