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Holy shit

Beautiful. A perfect sequel, how rare

I've had dreams like that once in a while, 10/10

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In Dissenter, based on Chromium, I get black screens where I know it should be showing stuff.

Another thing to note, when doing dialogue like this, CTRL is used as a standard for skipping.
Skipping being, well, very nice

You have manual controls for fondling, but don't have the option for fucking, I don't understand

ScalesInDark responds:

next update I hope to add the fucking

Please explain
Why is fingering manual, but fucking is not?

This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Why do you people do this?

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Nice, makes me think of Terraria for some reason
Personally I don't see any problem with the mix

Midnights-Ocean responds:

Thanks! Not the first time my stuff has reminded people of Terraria. : )

Getting Terraria vibes from this one

Midnights-Ocean responds:

Cool beans. <:3

My favorite from you by far.
Far beyond me to even begin to criticize or describe, this is amazing from a mixing standpoint as much as from a composition standpoint.

The sound design is also pretty good.
God, I just love this so much.

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wow,relly well done.

i don't really have anny thing much to say,except that it pops out.
also,where are the (fuck,can't remember how it's called in english.)
you know,those things that AREN't on mona lisa?
really,this eye looks like it pierces through my mind. it's minmd blowing xD!jk.
somehow,the contours of the eye remind me the ones of a baby.
the shadows are really well done,only theres something missing inside the eye pupil...you know those weird lines that ressemble grass a little?yeah.adding em' would be a good idea on ne new version. except that i have nothing more to say than this:it still needs improvement.

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I've recently been working on a webcomic.

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