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irc chat.why not?

2011-06-26 23:31:20 by Geekygami

so yeah.. the newgrounds chat may or may not ever come out, wanted to let you know the old irc room is still open - it's been there since 1995.

You can view it all in it's wonderful historical glory - it still runs strong for those who are aware of its existance and you can see it's supporters in those on newgrounds who still wear it in their sigs as a badge of honour.

So yeah come in.. chill with the oldies.. and link the room in your sigs as an oldschool badge of honour!

And yes it looks crappy.. it's old, it's functional, we like it that way.. and if you don't liek it.. well then you don't deserve to be there.

we are currently discussing the latest uploads.

we also have women - feel free to harass them and have them horribly pwn your ass.

maybe they'll show you their titties.


on the radio chat,i try getting in,it says someone has my username.
when i try changing password or doing ne thing,it's ok.when i try to type it in radio chat,won't work.
what's going on?what should i do?
i'm totaly lost.

im lost there...

2011-02-16 15:17:14 by Geekygami

on my art pieces,it says
"you have not bin scouted yet"
does that mean i havent been voted or that
i need to get "scouted"
if so,what is scouting?